Our Mission – Strengthening Our Community

Enhance the quality of life of GVR members and the greater Green Valley community through connecting resources for those in need with those who care.

Group of happy seniors

Long Term Strategic Goals

• Expand the Member Assistance Program (MAP) for GVR members with financial need
• Develop recreation and social programs for special needs populations
• Launch health and wellness initiatives that support GVR members and the Green Valley community
• Leverage collaboration and partnerships with businesses and other nonprofits that bring greater good to Green Valley
• Assist sports programs & facilities development for active adults
• Improve access to and availability of transportation services
• Encourage Tourism to the area
• Offer support for distinctive projects and initiatives for clubs and other special interest groups of Green Valley Recreation, Inc.

Brief History & Development of GVR Foundation

• Established in 2015 from desire of GVR Board to support activities that directly affect GVR members, Green Valley residents, and special needs of our community
• Established and maintains relationship with the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation (GGVCF) using their expertise to set administrative functions; received 2015 grant for strategic planning
• Repaid $15,000 GVR start-up loan in 2016 early with interest ($787.50)
• Reached resource sharing agreement between GVR and GVR Foundation (four levels of review: GVR legal counsel, non-profit tax attorney, independent CPA auditor, & insurance specialist)
• Restructured GVR Foundation Board to include two GVR ‘Appointed Directors’ (2017)
• Received matching grant ($12,500) from GGVCF to establish an endowment to support sustainability of RetireArizona.org website (2017)
• Amended and Restated Bylaws of GVR Foundation (2017)
• Received $171,000 in grants between 2015-2018 from GGVCF, Freeport-McMoRan Foundation, The Country Fair White Elephant, and Walmart. Grants supported MAP, Southern Arizona Senior Games, RetireArizona.org website development, and GVR Pickleball Center.

2020 GVR Foundation Goals

• Explore various collaboration options to help identify community resources — with Posada Life and Valley Assistance.
• Contribute assistance and financial aid to other Green Valley non-profit partners to help address community needs arising from COVID19.
• Design a donor panel that publicly expresses our gratitude to generous donors.
• Offer tax-advantaged financial opportunities to those GVR Clubs needing help in increasing their capacity.

Board of Directors

The GVR Foundation Board consists of dedicated volunteers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the foundation board. With diverse experience in business, Residential Appraisal and Real Estate, finance, human resources, Higher Education, Community Planning, Marketing, non-profits, journalism and recreation, they are collectively guiding the foundation to success. We are appreciative of the passion they bring to our organization and the generosity of their time.

Don Lathrop, Director

Don Lathrop

Thomas Walsh, Treasurer

Thomas Walsh

Blaine Nisson, Sr. Vice President

Blaine Nisson
Sr. Vice President

Jim Counter, Secretary

Jim Counter

Tim Stewart, Director

Tim Stewart
Vice President

Regina Ford, Director

Regina Ford

Carol Lambert, Director

Carol Lambert

Stan Riddle, Director

Stan Riddle

Greater Green Valley Community Foundation

Statement of Supportive Relationship with the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation
The GVR Foundation maintains a mutually supportive relationship with the
Greater Green Valley Community Foundation (GGVCF).
The GVR Foundation Board of Directors has tapped GGVCF expertise
in establishing its administrative functions and plans to establish
an endowment within GGVCF’s Community Foundation Unrestricted Funds.
The minimum amount to start an unrestricted fund is $25,000.
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